The Opportunity Report

The Opportunity Report

Real Estate Opportunities For All

The Results

Survey Says… Please fill out the survey or login to check out the results. After giving your amazing feedback, you’ll be able to immediately see the stats and check back as we gather more responses to see what the top opportunities are shaping up to be in 2022.

About The Researchers

While sharing a love of all things Real Estate, Alex and Paula approach the industry from wildly different perspectives and have brought their diverse skills and expertise to make The Opportunity Report a success.

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For more information on our Survey, our Presentations of Findings, and more please contact us via the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Opportunity Report

Welcome to the Opportunity Report! We are focused on identifying opportunities ripe for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Associations across the country. We invite you to plan, dream, and advance with us all.

Everyone who participates will have access to in-depth statistics and the recorded interviews with Industry Leaders collected thus far, as well as updates as we collect more. Everyone who participates also has our undying thanks and appreciation.

Opportunity means “coming toward a port”, a favorable wind blowing ships into harbor. Let us prepare for the winds to shift so that once they do we can take full advantage of having had that energy at our backs.

The Interviews

Paula Monthofer

2019 NAR Regional VP - REALTOR, Sun, Cactus & Pine Realty
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